Being a Good Neighbor

By September 28, 2021News, News Position 2
Today is National #GoodNeighborDay, a day created to remind us to get to know our neighbors better and celebrate the importance of being a good neighbor.
We touched on why being a good neighbor is important to our communities in a Facebook post on Sunday. The thought that our actions and attitudes influence our communities. That being mindful of what we put forth can either spread positivity or negativity. That we all have a responsibility to present a good example for others.
As we go through the day today, let’s be intentional with our actions, words, and attitudes to help our communities be the best they can be. As we go through each upcoming day, let’s look for ways that we can spread compassion, positivity, and influence our communities to stand together in these efforts.
Being a good neighbor begins on your street, but it encompasses every street, every person, and every business where you live. Take the Good Neighbor challenge and see the good that blossoms!
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