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In a tough housing market where incomes can’t always cover rising rent and mortgage costs…

And rising grocery and gas costs have created stress and uncertainty…

it’s not easy to find stability…

Maybe you’re facing foreclosure, have lost your job, or your monthly expenses have gone up. No matter your situation, NeighborWorks Montana and our partners are here to help you find a path forward! Our HUD-certified financial coaches provide confidential, no-cost guidance to help you navigate your next steps and reach your financial goals.

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Our  financial coaches can help you navigate your next steps

Are you currently experiencing one or more of these issues?

  • Have been served with a foreclosure notice?
  • Experienced a loss of income or an increase in expenses?
  • Finding it difficult to consistently pay your monthly bills?
  • Living in an unsafe or unhealthy environment due to housing conditions?
  • Behind on taxes, insurance, utilities, or HOA fees?

Coaching support and guidance are available for anyone interested in creating a plan for financial stability and success. Speaking with a financial coach will set you on the path to better financial health, empowering you to reach your financial goals.

To get started, please email Naomi Valentine, [email protected] or click the button below.

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What does a financial coach do?

Our financial coaches can:

  • Help communicate with mortgage servicers
  • Connect you with a lawyer who may be able to provide legal guidance
  • Help provide guidance and next steps to improve your financial health
  • Help create budgets and financial plans to support more financial stability and opportunity

Financial coaches understand that household finances are often difficult to navigate. They also understand that nobody succeeds alone. What you are experiencing is not only common, but it happens to all kinds of people in all kinds of situations. A good financial plan can be the key to success and our financial coaches can help design an individual plan for you and your situation!