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Creating Opportunities for Home Across Montana

Established in 1998, our journey has led us to become a leader in housing education and counseling, an innovator in single-family lending, a trusted source of gap financing for developers, and a champion of self-sufficiency for residents in manufactured home parks.

Originally known as the Montana HomeOwnership Network, our foundation was built upon the idea of collaborative partnerships. We firmly believe that by pooling resources, we can achieve more collectively than individually. Collaboration is etched into our core values and propels our organization forward.

Over the years, we’ve witnessed the transformative impact of working hand in hand with communities, local organizations, and dedicated individuals. As we look back on our journey of 25 years, we’re immensely proud of the lives we’ve touched, the dreams we’ve helped realize, and the resilience we’ve nurtured. As we step into the future, we remain committed to fostering collaboration, championing innovation, and empowering every Montanan to secure a place they proudly call home. Here’s to another 25 years of positive change and shared successes!


Together we strengthen our communities by providing education and financing that gives every
Montanan the opportunity to live in a home where they can thrive.


That all Montanans have a safe and stable home.


We work together with others across the state to accomplish more than can be achieved alone

We support strong, healthy, inclusive communities

We encourage the voices of individuals and organizations to realize their potential

We think outside the box to find solutions

We use data-informed decisions to allocate financial resources to make the most impact statewide

A Stable Home Changes A Family Forever

Home is the bedrock of success, the place where we recharge, rest and play. Healthy habits take root more easily in stable, affordable homes. Children grow strong and adults stay well, and live better. Children in stable homes learn and achieve more in school. Home helps level the playing field. When we take pride in our Home, we can take pride in our community and make it a safer place to live. By having a Home that is affordable, people of all income levels have more to spend and support the economy. Families who are homeowners are more stable and will have assets 12 times larger than a comparable renting family. Their children will be more likely to graduate from high school, avoid teen-age pregnancy and stay out of the criminal justice system.

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