Meet Our Staff

Maureen Rude

Executive Director

Maureen is the Executive Director of NeighborWorks Montana. She oversees all the general operations at NWMT. Maureen has been with NeighborWorks since 2008. She is passionate about housing in the state of Montana. Prior to her time at NeighborWorks she worked in senior management for Fannie Mae. She has also served as the Executive Director for the Montana Board of Housing. She serves on numerous boards and committees all working toward furthering accessible housing that is affordable.

Kaia Peterson

Assistant Director

Kaia is the Assistant Director of NeighborWorks Montana. Kaia is passionate about the power of CDFIs putting financial tools and knowledge into the hands of people and communities who wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to have safe, quality, affordable housing. She uses that passion to drive her work in overseeing the education and counseling program, manufactured housing and resident-ownership work and the marketing and outreach efforts at NeighborWorks Montana. Kaia is a ROC USA board member, a member of the NeighborWorks America’s Homeownership Manager Advisory Committee, and sits as a member of the board of commissioners for the Missoula Housing Authority. When she isn’t working she spends her time with her husband Chris and their two elementary school aged children enjoying all the wonderful outdoor opportunities Montana has to offer.

Katie Biggs

Marketing & Resource Development Coordinator

Katie is NeighborWorks Montana’s Marketing and Resource Development Coordinator. Katie coordinates all aspects of marketing and outreach for the different program areas within NeighborWorks Montana. Katie is passionate about making a difference in the lives of Montanans and that’s what drives her work every day. When she’s not at work she enjoys spending time camping, fishing, hunting and hiking with her husband and daughter.

Danielle Maiden

Cooperative Housing Specialist

Danielle is NeighborWorks Montana’s Cooperative Housing Specialist. She works with our resident owned communities (ROCs) and works toward promoting affordable and manufactured housing cooperatives. Danielle currently is serving on the board of Trust Montana and the United Way Allocations Panel. She is passionate about her work and has a deep desire to help the greater good by providing people with resources to better themselves and their families. When she is not at work, Danielle loves enjoying all that the Montana outdoors has to offer through kayaking, hiking, hunting and camping with her husband and son.

Mary Lou Affleck

Coordinator for Project Development

Bio coming soon!

Lori Yurko

Loan Specialist

Lori has been with NeighborWorks Montana for 13 years working in the lending department as a Loan Specialist. Lori brings a vast amount of knowledge to the world of lending. She spends her days processing, underwriting and closing subordinate mortgage loan applications for closing cost assistance, down payment assistance and GAP financing. She’s known around the office to occasionally break out in random song and dance. Lori is highly motivated by finding purpose in her work and feeling like she’s part of a movement to help repair the world. When she’s not at work, she loves spending time with her family, especially her grandson Ralston and her rescue cat, Adele.

Larry Phillips

Accounting & Payroll Specialist

Larry is NeighborWorks Montana’s Accounting and Payroll Specialist. Along with his payroll and general accounting duties, Larry also works on underwriting loans for the Real Estate Development and Acquisition (REDA) lending program. Larry finds passion in seeing what NeighborWorks Montana does for communities throughout the state. He is passionate about finding good housing for hardworking Montanans. In his free time, Larry loves traveling, photography, reading, art and music.

Hannah Sidner

Executive Assistant

Hannah is NeighborWorks Montana’s Executive Assistant. Hannah keeps the day-to-day things going around NeighborWorks Montana. She is passionate about working for NeighborWorks Montana and enjoys coming to work every day for both the clients and co-workers she works with. When not at work, Hannah enjoys spending her time with her husband and young daughter and her dog Oscar.

Pat Hilgendorf

Lending Department Manager

Pat is NeighborWorks Montana’s Lending Department Manager; she oversees the day to day operations of the lending department. Coming from the corporate world, Pat found a niche in the non-profit lending sector that gave her a renewed faith and spirit in the goodness of humanity and it’s this niche that keeps her coming back day after day. Pat is inspired by the people that don’t give up on their dreams and persevere to the end to see their goal of homeownership accomplished. When Pat’s not at work she enjoys spending time with her three granddaughters. She also loves hiking and camping in Montana’s great outdoors.

Kevin Lee

Acting Director of Finance

Kevin is NeighborWorks Montana’s Acting Director of Finance. He oversees all the day to day finance operations of NeighborWorks Montana. Kevin is inspired by people who put others needs before their own and it is what drives his work at NeighborWorks. When Kevin isn’t in the office, he enjoys spending time with his family and building his large collection of Hot Wheels cars.

Kandice Ehler

Loan Specialist

Kandice is NeighborWorks Montana’s newest addition to the lending department. While she’s new to NeighborWorks, she is not new to the world of lending. Kandice is a Loan Specialist responsible for the underwriting, approving, processing and closing loans. Kandice is passionate about putting the customer first and will not stop until she’s exhausted all possibilities in order to get the loan closed. When she’s not at work, she is a self-proclaimed “gym-rat” and can found at the local gym. She also loves spending time with her two granddaughters.

Linda Grossman

Loan Servicing Specialist

Linda, has been with NeighborWorks Montana as the Loan Servicing Specialist for over 10 years. Linda is responsible for all aspects of servicing the loans made by NeighborWorks Montana. When she’s not at work, she enjoys spending time with her husband, two grown daughters and granddaughter. Knitting, hiking and church fill her spare time. Linda loves working for NeighborWorks Montana because she believes everyone at NeighborWorks is working for the same goal – providing successful homeownership opportunities to those who deeply need it.

Hanna Tester

Housing Network Specialist

Hanna is NeighborWorks Montana’s Network and Compliance Specialist. She manages the grant compliance for NeighborWorks Montana’s housing counseling grants and facilitates networking within the housing counseling partnership across the state. Hanna’s work is driven by the passion that safe, secure housing is the key for families to prosper. When Hanna isn’t at work, she spends her time hiking, playing and gardening with her husband and two young sons and their dogs.