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Come Join the Circle

Montana is home to thousands of tribal citizens from many tribal nations living both on and off the reservation areas, with inequitable access to adequate housing stock and Native homeownership opportunities. A group of diverse stakeholders has formed a statewide coalition to increase the flow of mortgage financing to Native Americans across the state and from the eight tribes in Montana. Hand in hand, we joined representatives of tribes, tribal housing authorities, Native community development financial institutions, lending institutions, nonprofits, and others. Together, we circle the entire state.

native family at home

We Reach Out to You

We reach out to you and invite you to join the circle. There are substantial housing development assets and capacity already at work in Native communities. The Native Homeownership Coalition seeks to build on this work to support more homeownership opportunities for Native people. We invite you to hear our heartbeat, reach out hand in hand, and join the dance.

To become involved, please contact Tyler Baker at [email protected]. PinaƬmaya (Thank you)

About the Steering Committee

The Steering Committee oversees and guides the work of the Coalition. Members represent the different tribes in Montana, as well as key stakeholders.

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