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Manufactured Housing

NeighborWorks Montana works to preserve and develop manufactured housing. Manufactured housing makes up over 10% of the total housing stock in Montana and represents the largest source of unsubsidized housing that is affordable to low-income people.

Through our resident owned community program, we help homeowners purchase and successfully manage their manufactured housing community. We have helped 20 resident owned communities form in Montana with 759 homes, attracting over $25 million in acquisition financing and $14 million in infrastructure investment. We also work on other aspects of manufactured housing such as home finance, home rehab for health and aging in place, and quality new manufactured housing construction.

Neighborworks Montana


A resident owned community is a manufactured home community that is owned by the residents who live in the community. Resident homeowners form a corporation to own and operate the community. The corporation is democratically-managed, with one vote per household, and the day-to-day operations are overseen by a member-elected board of directors. There are now 20 resident owned communities in Montana and over 318 in 21 states nationally. Resident ownership is a proven-successful approach for housing preservation and community development.

The benefits of resident ownership include:

  • Housing stability and affordability
  • Security for residents
  • Resident control over maintenance and repairs
  • Improved individual and community health and welfare
  • Increased community safety
  • Resident leadership development
  • Higher resale value of homes

A Look At Resident Ownership Through The Eyes of Co-Op Leaders, Affiliate Staff, and ROC USA President Paul Bradley.

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