Home Sweet Home Accomplished!

By May 6, 2020May 26th, 2020News
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NeighborWorks Montana recently completed two energy-efficient twin homes in Billings providing safe, stable housing options for two Montana families. We want to introduce you to the new first-time homeowners! In the photo, Misty (pictured on the right) and her sister celebrate Misty becoming a homeowner.

Misty’s Dream Come True

Misty works in the medical field and loved the location of these new homes. There are plans to build a new hospital close to where these homes are, and she loved the idea of a short commute. Misty never dreamed it would be possible for her to be a homeowner, but she found the City of Billings First Time Home Buyer Program and reached out to NeighborWorks Montana to schedule a showing. When she walked in the house, she found a spot in the kitchen perfect for where her dog bowls could go, and she found a corner of the garage near a window that would be perfect for her artwork. She fell in love with every part of the house. Sweat equity, or work put in by the buyer to the home, was completed by Misty and her sister. Her sister worked volunteer sweat equity hours and provided helpful tips for both Misty and Trisha, the homebuyer in the twin home next door. Misty sent an email to us after closing that simply said, “I would not have been able to purchase as nice of a home if it weren’t for NeighborWorks Montana.” Misty is looking forward to all the opportunity this new home will bring her.

Trisha’s Hard Work Leads Her Home

Trisha, a single mother, relocated to Billings, Montana to start a new life. When she arrived in Billings, she moved into the Women’s Rescue Mission, where she is now currently employed. While living in the rescue mission she dreamed of finding a home of her own, one that had a perfect bedroom for her 11-year old son to move in with her. One of Trisha’s coworkers referred her to the City of Billings First Time Home Buyer Program and that’s where the process began. A realtor serving on the board of the Rescue Mission became Trisha’s realtor and walked her through the process from start to finish. Part of the program through the City of Billings required sweat equity put in by the buyer. Sweat equity is work put into the house. Trisha put in long days and nights of physical labor to see her dream become a reality. Upon closing, Trisha’s support team from the Rescue Mission delivered all the furnishings to her home complete with a lawnmower and yard tools! Trisha is looking forward to building her life with her son in this new home.

We are grateful to the realtors and lenders who worked to make these sales happen: the City of Billings, Auer Properties, Tim Mascarena of Metro Realtors, Tami Hartmann of Stockman Bank, both Cynthia Grant and Greg Ando of Mann Mortgage, and our own Lori Yurko. Thank you all for your guidance and help in getting both Misty and Trisha into their homes!

Both homeowners went through the entire loan process simultaneously; they completed their sweat equity at the same time, and they closed their home loans on the same day. They became good neighbors before they became homeowners, such a neat relationship to begin their new lives with! Congratulations to both Misty and Trisha!