Preparing for Homeownership

The housing market in Montana is a bit crazy right now, but you are not alone! Having some guidance and taking steps to prepare for homeownership can help you reach your home buying goals!
  1. The first step to getting prepared is to take a Homebuyer Education class. Whether in-person or online, the class will show you the process from start to finish, giving you tips and best practices that can help you save time and money. After the class, be sure to schedule an appointment with appointment with a housing counselor who can personalize what you learned and help you set a budget.
  2. The second step is to shop for a mortgage lender and get pre-approvedĀ  for a home loan. This will help you when looking at homes! Be sure to ask your mortgage lender to see if there are programs you can use to bring down the cost of your purchase.

Learn more about our statewide network of housing educators and counselors, and find a class that suits your schedule on our HOMEOWNERSHIP page.