In a tough housing market where incomes can’t always cover rising rent and mortgage costs…

In a pandemic that has created stress and uncertainty…

it’s not easy to find stability…

Maybe you’re facing foreclosure. Maybe you lost your job. Maybe your monthly expenses have gone up.

Whatever the reason, your long-term housing is in jeopardy. What you need now is a way forward.

It’s okay to ask for help…

And you are not alone!

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Are you currently housed and experiencing one or more of these issues?

  • Have been served with a foreclosure notice?
  • Experienced a loss of income or an increase of expenses?
  • Finding it difficult to consistently pay your monthly obligations?
  • Living in an unsafe or unhealthy environment due to housing conditions?

Counseling support and guidance is for anyone facing housing instability but it is also for anyone who is simply worried about the potential of facing housing instability.

What you need is a path forward and a plan–and speaking with a housing counselor will get you on that path, empowering you to attain your housing goals.

Everyone deserves housing stability.

Please reach out to Naomi Valentine, [email protected].

What does a housing counselor do?

Housing Counselors can:

  • Help communicate with mortgage servicers
  • Connect you with a lawyer who may be able to provide legal guidance
  • Help provide guidance and next steps to improve your housing stability
  • Help create budgets and financial plans to support more financial stability and opportunity

Housing counselors understand that the housing is often difficult to navigate. They understand that nobody succeeds alone. What you are experiencing is not only common, but it happens to all kinds of people in all kinds of situations. Whether you found yourself out of work, or have had to take on more jobs to handle a tough housing and rental market, whether you had a medical issue or some other setback, you should know that many of us are in the same boat.