Our Mission and Vision


The mission of NeighborWorks Montana is to create opportunities for families and individuals to live in affordable homes in strong communities.  

A stable home changes a family forever.  Home is the bedrock of success, the place where we recharge, rest and play. Healthy habits take root more easily in stable, affordable homes. Children grow strong and adults stay well, and live better.  Children in stable homes learn and achieve more in school. Home helps level the playing field. When we take pride in our Home, we can take pride in our community and make it a safer place to live. By having a Home that is affordable, people of all income levels have more to spend and support the economy.  Families who are homeowners are more stable and will have assets 12 times larger than a comparable renting family. Their children will be more likely to graduate from high school, avoid teen-age pregnancy and stay out of the criminal justice system.


To be recognized locally, regionally and nationally as a top producer of successful homeowners, a dependable developer of housing options and a powerful proponent of housing public policy. 

Montana Homeownership Network, dba NeighborWorks Montana