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When you donate to NeighborWorks Montana, your money...

  • $25 - monthly recurring donation for one year - matches one families' savings toward homeownership, higher education or small business ownership
  • $100 - provides 2 hours of prepurchase homeownership planning 
  • $250 - saves one Montana family from foreclosure
  • $500 - provides individual homeownership planning to 10 buyers
  • $1,000 - provides Homebuyer Education to 20 Montana families
  • $2,500 - creates 1 new affordable home somewhere in Montana
  • $5,000 - provides 1 family with down payment assistance

NeighborWorks Endowment

The endowment helps create a savings account that can be used to fill gaps when funding is sparse. NeighborWorks Executive Director Sheila Rice notes, "Funding goes up and funding goes down, so an endowment allows you to live through the rainy days."  An endowment creates an income stream in the future that assures good work can continue, regardless of the variations of Federal and foundation funding. Certain charitable donations will qualify for the Montana endowment income tax credit and can be made in a variety of forms.  All contributions quality for the Federal and State charitable income tax deduction. Make donation to the NeighborWorks Endowment today or contact NeighborWorks at 406-761-5861 for more information.

Montana Shares

NeighborWorks Montana also participates in work place giving campaigns through Montana Shares.

Montana Homeownership Network, Inc., dba,NeighborWorks Montana, a nonprofit corporation, is funded by Federal and State grants, private foundations, small fees for services, interest from loans and generous contributions from people like YOU! Day to day operations would not be possible without the generosity of the Montana community. Thank you for supporting our mission of creating opportunities for families and individuals to live in affordable homes in strong communities.